Traffic Charge Defense

It's nearly impossible to drive a lifetime and not receive a traffic ticket at some point. Not only does a person have to deal with going to court and paying a fine and court costs but insurance premiums can also increase. Additionally, two or more traffic convictions in a year can result in action against your driving privileges by the DMV.

There's more at stake than you think.

Ward will talk with you about your traffic summons for no initial consultation fee. He'll explore possible defenses and reductions in the charge. For example, police officers in Virginia usually will issue a summons for "reckless driving" if they deem you at fault in an accident. Many times that charge can be reduced to "improper driving" which carries half the demerit points assessed by DMV and may cause less heartburn with your insurance company.

And for teenagers who are charged, moms and dads also face some issues. Insurance rates for son or daughter are already high. A traffic conviction can easily make them even higher. Moreover, a loss of driving privileges for junior means inconvenience for parents who now have to drive their child to school or work.

If you've been charged with a traffic offense talk to Ward. You may have more defenses than you think.

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