Accidental Death


Nothing is worse for a family than a knock on the front door that opens to reveal a police officer with the news that a loved one has just died in a car accident. A father, mother, child, sibling, parent or other loved one has been taken away...forever. Such is tragedy beyond comprehension.

Not only is there the loss of companionship but financial issues can arise as well, particularly if the person killed provided an income to support the family.

Accidental death (or wrongful death as called by many attorneys) changes the lives of those family members left behind. And while no amount of compensation will bring the deceased back home, it can help replace the economic loss many families experience. As with other personal injury lawsuits there are no legal fees unless there is a recovery.

Families should also be aware that the law dictates who is entitled to a share (percentage) of an accidental death recovery.

If your family has lost a loved one in a car accident, set an appointment to talk to
Ward. Not only will he fight to make sure you get a fair recovery, he will be sensitive to the emotional impact of your loss.

You may also want to read the section on personal injury/car accidents on this website as many of the legal issues in both areas are the same.

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